What is OLP mean in a mixer grinder ?

What OLP stands for in a mixer grinder ?

No need to get confused if you see OLP written on a mixer grinder. OLP simply means Overload Protection. It is one of the most important features of every mixer grinder.

Since we can unintentionally run the mixer grinder for an extended period of time, the motor will quickly become overheated, causing damage to the motor.

Additionally, if we overfill the jar with ingredients, the motor can overheat as a result of the overload.

Another reason is that voltage fluctuations can cause damage to the motor.

To prevent the motor from being damaged, the mixer grinder is fitted with an overload protection mechanism that cuts the power supply automatically if the motor overheats.

If this happens, wait a few seconds for the mixer grinder to cool down, then reduce the amount of ingredients or add some water to reduce the viscosity.

A restart button (usually at the bottom of the mixer grinder) will be given to restart the mixer grinder. You can restart the mixer grinder by pressing the restart button.

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