How to Choose the Best Mixer Grinder in India [2021]

How to Choose the Best Mixer Grinder in IndiaWhat is the best mixer grinderWhich mixer grinder is best for home useWhich mixer grinder is best for commercial use?

These are the most commonly asked questions by those who are thinking of buying a mixer grinder.

Numerous companies in today’s market manufacture several mixer grinders with different specifications, making it easy to become puzzled.

You don’t have to be worried any longer because I’m here to clear things up for you. After reading this post, you will be able to select the best mixer grinder to fits your requirements.

However, there are several criteria and features to remember before purchasing the best mixer grinder. The following is a list of them:

How to Choose the Best Mixer Grinder in India?

Wattage Of Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder with a high-wattage motor is more powerful, so keep that in mind. A mixer grinder with high wattage is ideal for quickly grinding tough ingredients.

If you are looking for a mixer grinder for home use you can purchase a mixer grinder between 500 watts to 750 watts

If you have a small family then a 500-watt mixer grinder will be well suited. If you have a big size family of often enjoy dinner with your neighbor and friends, then a 750 watts mixer grinder will be well suited.

If you are looking for a mixer grinder for commercial use, then purchase one above 750 wattages.

R.P.M Of Mixer Grinder

The blades’ rotational speed is measured in R.P.M (Revolution Per Minute). If you’re looking for a mixer grinder for domestic use, choose one with an R.P.M range from 18,000 to 23,000 revolutions per minute.

If you need a mixer grinder for commercial use, look for one that has a speed of more than 23,000 RPM.

It’s worth noting that a mixer grinder with a high R.P.M. can get the job done quickly. Low R.P.M. is needed in some cases to grind, mix, or blend the ingredients. As a result, look for a mixer grinder with a speed control knob so that you can adjust the speed according to your needs.

Number Of Speed

The majority of mixer grinders come with three-speed settings that are operated by turning the knob. You can do the job more accurately and efficiently with a multi-speed mixer grinder.


In addition to the three-speed settings, many mixer grinders have whip/pulse/incher functions. The names all mean the same function. When you turn the knob to the left, the grinder will turn on, and when you release it, it will automatically return to the off position and turn off.

This feature allows you to grind the ingredients quickly and precisely. Some mixer grinders can chop vegetables in just two pulses, while others can chop vegetables in four pulses.

Blades of Mixer Grinder

The majority of mixer grinder blades are made of 304 stainless steel. The reason for this is that they have outstanding corrosion resistance properties, long-lasting, and can maintain their sharpness for a long time. As a consequence, they’re perfect for use in the kitchen and with food.

Types of Blades in Mixer Grinder

As the name implies, these blades are used to prepare ingredients that require water to prepare, such as Idlis, dhokla batter, and dosa batter, all of which require pouring water into the ingredients to prepare. Also, these blades can be used to make juices as well.

These type of blades are used to grind dry ingredients like raw chillis, Dry spices, turmeric, coffee beans,

These blades are specifically designed for making chutneys and can be used for both dry and wet grinding.

The food ingredients are finely divided into uniform parts using this sort of blade. They can be used to mash dry fruits, meat, onions, cucumbers, and other vegetables.

Creamy smoothies, milkshakes, lassi, eggs, and other foods are made with these blades.

Fixed Blade Vs Removable Blade In Mixer Grinder

Some mixer grinders have fixed blades that are permanently attached to the jars, while others have interchangeable blades that can be removed from the jars and used with different jars depending on the application.

Another benefit of removable blades is that they are more convenient to clean.

Jars of Mixer grinder

Types of Jars

Dry grinding jars, wet grinding jars/Liquidizer jars, chutney jars, multipurpose jars, and juicer jars are some of the jars that come with mixer grinders.

Jars of different sizes are available from various companies. The biggest jar will be the liquidizer jar, which will be approximately 1 liter to 1.5 liters in size, followed by the dry grinding jar and the chutney jar, which will be the smallest.

Quality Of Jars

Ensure that the jars are made of food-grade materials for safe food consumption, as well as stainless steel for longevity and corrosion resistance.

The juicer jar is usually made of polycarbonate transparent plastic, which is sturdy and impact-resistant and includes a filter for fine juice extraction.

Handles in jars

Also, make sure the jars have durable handles that are ergonomically built to make them easy to maneuver.

Leakproof jars

You don’t want the ingredients to spill out of the jars and onto the mixer grinder’s body, making it dirty. Is that correct? Another danger is that if the ingredients get into the motor, they may be damaged.

To prevent such a scenario, ensure that the device includes lick-proof jars.

Self locking jars

Self-locking jars are available on some mixer grinders, which self-align the jars with the body for a secure jar-to-body fit.

This function also helps the user to operate the jars without having to use their hands.

Safety Lock Mechanism

Some grinders are equipped with a safety lock mechanism to ensure their safety. The grinder will not start if the jars are not properly locked with the body.

Overload protection in Mixer Grinder

Make sure the mixer grinder has an overload protection feature in it. This feature will automatically shut off the mixer grinder in an overload situation or a current fluctuation. As a result, the motor will be safe.

Lids Of Mixer Grinder

Types Of Lids

Various types of lids can be included with the mixer grinder. Some lids are made of transparent materials, while others are semi-transparent, peeping lids, or not transparent at all.

The main benefit of transparent lids is that you can keep an eye on the ingredients when they’re being processed without having to open the lid.

Peeping lids are lids with a feature that allows you to open them from the top. These lids have a top that can be opened to monitor or add ingredients without removing the entire lid from the jar.

Lockable lid

Some lids have a buckle or other way of securing them into the jars This form of the lid has the advantage of eliminating the need to hold the lid when operating.

Body of mixer grinder

Ensure that the body is constructed of high-quality plastic. The majority of the mixer grinders’ bodies are made of ABS plastic, which is solid, corrosion-resistant, and impact-resistant.

Air Ventilation In The Body

Make sure the mixer grinder’s body has sufficient air ventilation so that air can easily flow through the motor to keep it cool when in use.

Structure of body

Ensure that the body is well-designed and simple to clean. Furthermore, if you pick a compact mixer grinder, it will be easy to handle and maneuver, and it will take up less space in the kitchen.

Design of the body

If you care about how your kitchen looks as well as how the mixer grinder performs, invest in a well-designed mixer grinder.

In addition to performance, many mixer grinders now come with an elegant design body.

If you don’t care about appearance and just care about the high-performance output, the Sujata mixer grinder 900 watts is a good choice. This mixer grinder is a masterpiece, I must say. Although it does not appear to be very attractive, this mixer grinder produces excellent results. You can use this mixer grinder for both home and commercial use.

Noise Level In Mixer Grinder

When the mixer grinder is working, you don’t want it to sound like a home theatre system. Is that correct? It will be too irritating. As a result, make sure the mixer grinder is quiet.

Price Of The Mixer Grinder

If you’re looking for a mixer grinder for home use, you can get a good quality one for under 3000 Rs, with wattages varying from 500 to 750.

If you have a large family or need a mixer grinder for difficult work, you will find a good one for under 5000 Rs. In the 5000 price range, you can find a mixer grinder with 750 to 1500 watts.

Warranty Of Mixer Ginder

Many mixer grinders offer 2 years warranty on the product including the jars and components of the mixer grinder, as well as 5 years warranty on the motor.

While some mixer grinder offers only 2 years warranty on both product and the motor.

Check the warranty on the mixer grinder before making a purchase.

Advance Features In Mixer Grinder

Unique Flow Breakers in Jars Of The Mixer Grinder or Tera Flow Technology

Some companies now use Tera Flow Technology or Unique Flow Breakers in their mixer grinder jars. This feature allows the ingredients to flow uniformly and efficiently into the mixer grinder’s blades, resulting in fine grinding and quick grinding.

Aria Cool Tech Motor

A mixer grinder like Vidiem comes with an Aria Cool Tech motor. This type of motor is shock resistant, has a sturdy structure, and offers 20% more torque20% more power, and 10% less power consumption

Vortex Flow Blades

Videm Mixer grinders comes with Vortex Flow Blades, that minimize vibration when grinding, extending the brush life by two times.

Double Ball Bearing Mechanism

Sujata’s mixer grinder features a double ball bearing mechanism that increases efficiency, delivers high output, and extends the machine’s life.

Stone Pounding Technology

Bosch’s mixer grinders have stone pounding technology. Since this technology pounds rather than cuts the dry ingredients, the true flavor of the ingredients is preserved, and the ideal authentic taste is achieved.

Nutri Pro Technology

The nutrients in the ingredients may be lost during the grinding process. To tackle this problem, mixer grinders such as the Bajaj have a Nutri- pro feature which retains the nutrients in the foods.

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